Safe flying
with Kidde Deugra

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Fire protection for aviation

Kidde offers you varying options to protect your aircraft effectively against fire.
Count on the detection and extinguishing method balanced and optimised for the respective aircraft type with proven quality in over 100,000 cases.


safety knows no bounds.

And no gravitational force either, because we develop and produce complete fire systems for civil and military aircraft. 

Engines and auxiliary engines

are equipped with fire alarm and permanently installed fire-extinguishing systems for their protection.

Landing gear wheels

are monitored by overheating/fire alarm systems, in order to inform pilots to take corresponding actions.

Hot gas lines,

which transport bleed air from engines and auxiliary power units to the air conditioning systems, are monitored by continuous heat detectors.

In the cockpit, cabin area and in the accessible cargo holds

Manual fire extinguishers are installed  in order to fight fire..

The in the cargo hold

installed smoke detection systems detect fire in the starting phase and report it to the cockpit. The pilots can then initiate appropriate countermeasures by triggering the permanently installed extinguishing system

In the avionic segments

smoke detector systems are installed in order to detect fires during their initial phase.

In the washroom,

for their safety, smoke detectors and automatic extinguishers are installed.

You will find further and more detailed information on individual components on the Kidde website: